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Deadeye's [Rifle] Visual Effect's Problems; Skills With Certain Bugs; [Optional] Constant ''Power Build'' Nerfs;


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I was sent here buy the support@guildwars2.com to repeat my Issues I encounter while playing Deadeye, and I hope they will review my case and solve and enhance at least Visual effects (as for damage overall, I would like to get back the damage I did before certain nerfs, only including PvE and *NOT INCLUDING PvP or WvW content*;  (Note: For example doing 4 k less damage on same build before and after last nerf with ''Malicious'' Power Build).

Here is the list of Deadeye's visuals issues and skill bugs:

  1. Deadeye's 2nd skill [Rifle] in ''Kneel'' Form called ''Spotter's Shot'' has normal effect on bullets, while it should have ''Purple Chain/Immobilize'' Effect on bullets. (Sometimes it is tricky, for a split second, making you think that you did not ''Kneel'');
  2. Deadeye's 3rd skill [Rifle] called ''Double Tap'' has that ''Spotter's Shot'' ''Purple Chain/Immobilize'' Effect on both bullets which get's confusing overtime;
  3. Deadeye's Mark does not work on certain types of bosses and  sometimes not at all at some higher rank Foes and Monsters. It will also trigger a cooldown and not even say if it's ''Obscured'' or ''Immune'' or ''Blocked'', it will go on cooldown just like that. (I Cannot identify specific bosses cause I encounter that issue with variety of those Foes);
  4. Deadeye's Cantrip Skill called ''Shadow Flare'' is wrong in couple of terms:  1. When orb is throwed it will only ''Pulsate'' once and deal a certain damage to Foe's;  2. It will not ''Pulsate'' anymore after first ''Pulse'' and will not do any damage after that;  3. The animation will only trigger that first ''Pulse'' and won't happen again till duration expires;  4. ''Shadow Swap'' is only working for me as character and I will switch places, while orb just disappears in thin air;  5. It will release sound effects while nothing is happening in those ''Pulsing'' and swapping moments;  6. The animation of throwing orb and it's path is barely visible.
  5. (Personal adding and wanting) Deadeye's [Rifle] Stealth attack called ''Death's Judgment'' has that special ''Snipe'' ''Orange/Red/Yellow'' LINE that is somewhat reduced and faded. It would be nice to bring back standard light or get it brighter just to feel the Action of that move (Zafirah's ''Snipe/Death's Judgment'' Animation Line Light and Brightness, maybe having that Brightness while having ''Zafriah's Rifle Skin'' Equipted for example).

Now when we are done with Main issues I would like to see some changes that are optional since many classes suffer from that ''Lack of Damage''. The Deadeye got nerfed a lot in these past few patches and it destroyed all Power Builds by a lot in PvE content. Only thing here I want is to change this for PvP and WvW, and bring back the damage for PvE content since it get's harder every time to survive and honestly, the class is based to be ''Single Target'' damage dealer, so, I repeat again, would be nice to retrieve the damage in PvE content.

(Note: The fix on Bugs and Issues with visuals are a MUST, and need to be reviewed, BUT on damage and overall things you saw I would like to see is up to you to decide, no hard feelings)

Thank you!

Akym.6387  <Ⓧ>

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