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Some Improved to Harbringer Traits and QuickHealBuild and Power Builds!


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Hello  Some improvement for Harbinger to make Power and/or Heal Version more Viable, also Change for Grandmaster Power and Condi Version because they feel boring.



Vile Vials  :  Old effect removed :  Vital Draw  (Shroud 5)  no longer Deal Damage and Float. Now its Waterfield and Grants on Activation Aegis and Vigor and on Ending Regenation and Stability.

                                                            Each stack of Blight grants 0.34% outgoing Healing Power.



Cascading Corruption  : Old effect removed:  applying Vulnerability to a target deals 287(0.07) Strike damage (cannot Critical Strike). each Blight stack increase this damage by 1.2%.

                                            This Trait grants 200 Power Passive.




Doom Approaches :  Old Effect removed:  Voracious Arc has now 3 ammo (PvE recharge time15sec)  2ammo (WvW PvP recharge time 15sec) and no longer Daze. Voracious Arc create now

                                       on Impact Area a Damageing field for 3 sec pulse each Second 3s Poisen 2s Confusion (Poisen Field). When above Blight Threshold Increase Field Duration 1sec (PvE WvW)

                                       and 2sec (PvP) and addtional apply Weakness(1s) each pulse.    This Trait grants 200 Condtion Damage Passive.






Elixir of Promise: in addition When above Blight Threshold: 33% (15% WvW) of the Heal grant to allies ( only if Twisted Medicine is traited)


Elixir of Ignorance: in addition When above Blight Threshold: grants 2s of Stealth ( with Twisted Medicine  Stealth also grant to allies)


Shroud Skills


Devouring Cut : Now its a Leap Finisher. in addition When above Blight Threshold apply 5 stack of Vuln.


Voracious Arc : Now its a Blast Finisher. in addition When above Blight Threshold apply 5 stack of Vuln.







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power harbinger get in the bin it being good at  just condi is fine. if you don't like to play condi just play power  reaper or go to wvw and play power scourge.

to me harbinger is all about the conditions never once saw it as power build i play power builds and condi some spec's should not do both and that's fine.

that doom approaches change is bad harbinger's bread and butter is torment removing a source of it seems dumb to me. the GM traits are fine at least to me set and forget easy peasy.

and also why are you trying to make it do everything. Not everything should be able to everything, class identity what's that? if you just give everything to every class then what's the point of having multiple classes if they all do the same things

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