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The Real Reasons PvP hasn't "grown"

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With the recent threads of discussion I been seeing on here lately, it seems a fair amount of people are surprised anet did nothing for PvP this expansion.  

I assume some of these are from newer players who have not seen the complete history of anet's actions which have pushed away many real MMORPG PVP enjoyers they had in the game's early life that had come over from different games.

There was a very apparent split in the PvP playerbase at launch and the reason PvP never grew beyond a certain point is because they catered to the wrong half and refused to fix their mistakes even to this day under the idea that it is now too late.  ( which it probably is ).

6 Months ago I made a video sharing my perspective as someone from the other the side many today seem to think didn't exist. 

I was crazy enough to document the full history from  the giant backpedal of their original plans, to the bad compromises, and all the slime that came soon after as well as the straight up denial and out of touch views coming from the side being catered to which had anet's favor for all those years.  

After seeing this timeline in full context, it should be clear to anyone that this is probably as far as PVP goes ( if you were unaware of these events ). The only thing annoying about it all is the foundation was in place from the beginning to capitalize on making this mode much more than it turned out to be, but they were scared it would kill their main gimmick.

I don't play PVP anymore or much of this game at all but with the amount of resurging call outs to anet I have been seeing lately that will likely go unanswered I figure I would post this ( since i never did initially ) as it still remains relevant even more so after this last expansion.

But in all seriousness while it's a shame the ball was dropped really hard imo ( to my liking), I'm happy the remainder of the community has all the tools in place to continue on and enjoy the gamemode as they love it, like never before.


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I concur, very good video.
And thank you for documenting so much.

I've also talked about this before, exclusively balancing around conquest with 5 people on coms (aka only balancing around mats) has made the experience miserable for everyone else.

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