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Not getting Tier 2 or 3 rift essences despite game saying I got them.

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So I was able to do a full weekly for rifts last week during launch and had the higher tier rift essences in my bags. I noticed they were gone a few days ago and thought I had put them in my bank but nope they weren't there, I even thought maybe they implemented essences to be put into mat storage but no. Confused but too busy finishing up story  and getting to do  meta stuff it was pushed from my mind  for  later, thinking it might be something fixed by next weekly.  I eventually at some point was doing a tier 2 rift group and was noticing I wasn't getting t2  essences , the weird thing is the game says I got it. It shows up on the side of the screen as if I picked it up but when I look through my bags they are not there. Finally I did two rift  hunts today and made sure I wasn't crazy by doing this all over again and when I open the weekly rift rewards they were there saying I got the higher tier rewards but they aren't anywhere in my bags.


I'm not sure what confuses me more, where these items are going, or why I haven't seen this problem being brought up elsewhere. Suppose rare bugs are not unheard of but kitten it sucks being that one in a thousand if so lol.

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