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Gw2Skills.Net: Version 8.0 of Build Editor - Reveal the Secrets of the Obscure


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Version 8.0 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:


  • Each profession is able now to use elite specialization weapons without the corresponding trait line equipped
  • Added the ability to use relics in your equipment
  • The quicklink code was updated to save the new selection of relic


  • “Equipment” tab was upgraded with the “Relic” slot (“Accessories” section in PvE/WvW mode and “Rune, Amulet & Relic” section in PvP mode)
  • Added stacking Relic effects to the “Temporary buffs” section
  • Added “Enhancements” group for the “Utility” slot (“Equipment” tab, “Buffs” section) - it is possible now to use “Potion Of Karka Toughness”
  • Added new pet family from “Secrets of the Obscure” expansion that Ranger can select: Burrowing Sharks (Aether Hunter)
  • Added size autoscaling for the “Profession, Race and Weapons” single-selection menu
  • Special mode “Kneel” is available now for any Thief with rifle


  • Fixed a rare bug with Ranger's aquatic pet disappearing in slot 1 when loading a quicklink

All previously created quick links are valid.

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