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LF Guild, Pve/ Strikes/ Raids on Tarnished Coast

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Hey, I am in my mid-thirties, and I used to play WOW and other games. I moved to GW2 because I discovered how lovely and relatively untoxic the community was about five months ago. I am looking to transition to a raid team, I have completed the first wing - I am aware that's not an impressive feat for most who have been at the game a long time. I just haven't had any group to run with. 

I have 6 characters, all on Tarnished Coast. My mains right now would be my SOulBeast, and my Beserker, I also have a DH Guard/ FB, Ele Weaver, Scourge Necro, and a Mesmer which I am currently working on unlocking Virtuoso. 

my contact in game is Natsuxero.3052 

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Hi @Natsuxero.3052! You might find that Remnants of Hope is a good choice for you. We run raids, strikes, and fractals once a week, with a bunch of other PvE stuff in between. We are also active WvW players on Tarnished Coast.

We are all about the non-toxic community, so have a formal application process to welcome in new friends and keep the toxicity out.

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