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Another (small) daily bug

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Just doing my civic duty and reporting a daily bug (or suspected bug) from the PvE daily "Gather 15 resources with a logging axe": if you have a glyph, in my case, Glyph of Volatile Magic, it counts the volatile magic "pops" as being some of those 15 resources, so I needed to gather only 6 or 7 logs (2 lumber nodes) to complete the daily.

Maybe my interpretation of the English is off, or maybe the grammar is off, but I suspect we were intended to gather 15 logs (elder or ancient wood).

Not anything dramatic, but maybe an indication that a bit more QA might be needed. (And not opening the door for other posted to complain.)

Respectfully submitted,


PS: checking the combat log, I received 7 elder wood logs from 2 nodes, plus 7 volatile magic and one "hidden trove" (a random harvesting drop in Verdant Brink). I know I could have easily gathered more lumber, but this is not the issue I wish to raise.

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the 15 resources is already such an easy thing, probably not much difference if it is harder.  This seems to be a replacement for the gather 10 nodes from a specific area - that old achievement certainly worked with non top tier materials.

This new achievement is much easier, because if you have 2 guild halls with different levels of resources (can gather in both), that will likely get you the required 15 harvests, whether or not it counts these extra materials.


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