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Can not use the trading post, email, guild warehouse

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Hello, I can't sell or buy items through the trading post, it shows "Temporarily unavailable: purchase in review".
This situation has been going on for more than 12 days. I have sent emails to support service, but all mechanical answers, and there is no way to override.
I've purchased all the DLCs and a large number of gems. After the recent DLC update, I've spent a considerable amount of time exploring the new content. I truly love this game. I've seen many posts about this issue on forums and Reddit, and they all seem to have one thing in common: they all pertain to this game played through Steam. I'm wondering if this issue is related to that. And I learned from Reddit that you do have the ability to solve this problem, rather than being unable to make a change, as some people have stated that they received help and their issues were resolved. As the problem continues to persist for more than 12 days, I'm starting to feel a bit desperate. I kindly ask for your assistance in resolving this matter. Thank you!

steam ID: 76561198282045921

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