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LF Guild(EU/UK)


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Hi everyone,

I've been on and off playing for 5 years or so, also played the original Guild Wars too. I've been back into playing recently and have started fresh and making my way through all the story from the start, currently on LW S2. I've always been fairly casual, with a big interest in lore, story and exploration than most other things. I'm a huge gamer, but wouldn't say I'm amazing at any games 😅 I am more of a "Solo" type player with MMO's and will do as much as possible on my own. Probably comes from just wanting to explore anything and everything and being a huge RPG player. But I don't have much of a social life in general so would really like a place to be able to chat and just be a part of a group.

About me.

I'm 29, live in the UK, Wales to be exact, and can only really speak English.

Very little offends me, not a lot is off limits and I'm happy to talk about whatever. Also I have quite a broad sense of humour. It can be dry, dark, light, childish, you get the gist.  I know others are more sensitive than I am and understand that some things that I'm more than happy to joke about, others might find offensive. I am also big on being decent, civil, and respectful. I don't have time for arguments or any nasty attitudes.

Not a big fan of crazy names of things. Nothing against it, I'm sure some people enjoy it and have lots of fun, but it's just my personal preference. If I'm going to belong to a guild then I'd like one where I don't feel a bit cringe saying the name.

I'm very big lore, I could spend hours, and have done, in a wiki hole, just reading up random things.


Some in game information.

I'm on Ruins of Surmia, I don't do much WvW but I am definitely open to playing more at some point and learning about more than just general PvE and open world exploration.

I haven't done any raids. To be honest I find them a bit daunting, I don't really play the most meta of builds, and I tend to just play for fun, so I've stayed away from things that I don't understand and that I could possibly ruin others enjoyment.

Same with Strikes, I've done what's needed for story steps, but apart from that I haven't played that part seriously.

Fractals, I've done a few, but yeah, my understanding of any group content is low.

Dungeons, done a couple, but same as the others. I've always prioritised exploration, story and map completion, and left group content to the very last.

All of the above I'd love to learn more about and play through all content.

Like I said in the intro, I'm going through the story from the start. The furthest I've gotten on a character was Icebrood Saga. Have yet to do any EoD story or content. And have done very brief SotO on a character, just enough to unlock Weapon Mastery.


So yeah, I'd love to find a nice guild where I would fit in, and where I could learn and enjoy all the areas I'm not confident or knowledgeable in. At the end of the day, I just want to have fun, explore, and learn new things while making some new friends and meaningful connections along the way.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.

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