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Laugh Like Lyhr Is Watching

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Yeah, I've searched the Balance event chain, his idle dialogues near the waypoint, and followed him through the main meta event. /Laugh never triggers an achievement at any point, let alone Lyhr speaking any dialogue or laughter that fits the achievement's description text of 'joining in' on anything.

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7 hours ago, crepuscular.9047 said:

not bugged, I just got it today, it's not part of the event chain but a standalone dynamic event, created new wiki page for how to get it


Well, it's not part of the event chain, but if it spawns, it is always a few minutes after the big final event in the Great Debate Hall has finished. If the Lyhr event chain is not started (because you need 5 players to start it and there are not enough players to start) it does not happen (waited an hour, event did not happen).

And: Lyhr appears very soon after the "eye of Sauron" appears in the outer wall and makes his speach. It is before it is time to fight. If Kryptis already appear, than it's probably too late and he already did his speech.

And: Don't be confused if other rift events happen nearby (there is often a rift a little bit to the west at POI Equilibrium Glade) at the same time, or shortly before. Those are the wrong ones and the right one will appear on time even if there are other rift events at the same time.

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