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Illuminating amnytas bugged locations

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Hello, i've been wating for some other people mentioning this or giving out guide whats going on wrong but since i cant finding decided to write this:

So, the achievement: "Illuminating Amnytas" has 3 troublesome lanterns wich are:

  • Spellcrafting Workshop
  • Mabon's Tower
  • *(this is kind of) Museum of curiosities:Main Gallery

i've spent over 2hour in total trying to hump mabons tower/spellcrafting workshop all walls and floors/levels without any succes on locating these lanterns and i suspect theyre bugged and possibly in some walls or something along those lines due to the fact that the: "Museum of curiosities:Main Gallery" i actually found with ½hour of humping all walls and eventually with luck i actually managed to find it with the  lanterns name clipping trough a one pillar( it is legit 100% inside a one of the exhibition pillars). If any of other players have managed to find them please do reply so we can get those juicy 2 achi points.

EDIT: The 2 first options are waaay out of the POI:s and the museums one is inside the pillar but with the wiki map you should be able to pinpoint them.

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oo wiki has finally made a map cheers for the heads up since it resolved the locations as follow:

  • mabons tower lantern is at : ground level northwest from [kryptis front line] POI
  • Spellcrafting workshop is at: southeast from  [Defensive Operations Camp] POI

so i guess the only issue remaining is the Museum of curiosities  being inside the pillar

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