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Into the Obscure - issue with "Scan for rifts while the Heart is enhanced"

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Could you please tell me more about how to complete “Scan for rifts while the Heart is enhanced”?
I bought motivation (because Kamilla didn't give it to me), but I don't know what to do next? If I click on the motivation in the inventory, I see a message “You have begun tracking tier 2 rifts” or “You have removed your motivation and are now tracking tier 1 rifts”.

Please, help!

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You use the motivation to select what tier you want to scan for, but you need use the new mastery skill (it's in the same menu as fishing & skiff, bottom left corner of the skill bar) to actually perform the scan.

So you want to click on the motivation so that you're tracking tier 2 rifts, then use the scan skill to find them.

One thing to be careful of - after the initial enemies are cleared and you interact with the rift to summon the boss, there'll be an option to use your motiviation to get extra rewards, but doing so will consume the motivation.

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