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Herald Facets Bugged in Underwater WvW

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Ok, this is a weird one, but I have video evidence and have tested it on multiple accounts. Herald facets stop pulsing their boons if you jump in the water in Bay. Your active boons just fall off and do not re-apply, despite the facets being active. Weirder yet, this only seems to happen in the water inside the outer walls in Bay. You have to swap out and back into Glint for the boons to continue pulsing, and going back onto land does not refresh them. In other bodies of water in WvW, facets continue to pulse boons normally. 

Other WvWers (namely Firebrand with their mantras) know that you want to have the skills in your "Aquatic" build set to be the exact same order as your "Terrestrial" build, so that when you jump into water, the transition effect that occurs from standard to underwater doesn't cancel your mantras and force you to recharge them. The same goes with Revenants: you want to have your legends in the same positions on the UI in both build formats so that when you jump into water in Glint stance, you stay in Glint and the boons remain pulsing. If your legends are in opposite positions, you will jump into the water and force a legend swap (assuming it's off cooldown). 

So, I'm assuming the bug has something to do with this. However, it's very weird that this would only happen in the water in Bay. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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