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Tribulation Caverns too punishing due to Shatterstone buffs

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I'm trying to complete Tribulation Caverns for the weekly, but it's just about impossible. The Shatterstone attacks going up the slope are nearly instant cast (so hard to escape) and double hit. I'm downscaled to level 51 so have 5,849 health; Shatterstone hits (me) for 3,442 twice in the same ~1 second time period. I used a revive orb to try to continue, but was downed the moment the orb finished. I tried a SECOND revive orb with same result. I also tried waiting until the ice effect happened before I jumped and still... instantly downed and then dead.

Please nerf ele. 🤣


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That part of Tribulation Caverns is more about patience and timing than anything. There are safe areas, especially on those tiny 'stairs' near the start that you can hop to, wait for the ice to shatter, then quickly cross and find another safe spot.

Though it is a little punishing if you get caught out. Damage mitigation can help, like Aegis or Prot if you got it. If you're on an ele yourself, that arcane shield that takes 3 hits can come in clutch in case one pops beneath your feet.

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That's also one you can get by teleporting to someone or getting mesmer ported, unless they've nerfed that.  In the old daily system it was very easy as soon as someone tagged up at the end.  To solo it you need the patience and timing Caitmonster suggests, also you can dodge through the red circles (just make sure not to dodge onto the slope for a slide back to the bottom).

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