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Protection uptime help

Dark Viper.2378

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I have been doing T4 fractals for a while now and my rotation just gets smoother and smoother, but a guy texted me today to help me improve on, he mentioned that my healing and quickness uptime were on point and amazing, but the one thing that I was doing terribly on was providing protection. thing is there is only shield 4 ability that gives off protection and mantra of potence which has lower duration, so how an i exactly supposed to keep protection uptime. Other than that, are there any other buffs im supposed to keep up? (other than might and fury which is through staff 4 and symbols)



weapon 1: axe and shield

weapon 2: staff

utility: mantra of potence, mantra of solace, bow of truth, advance, and feel my wrath

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I don't do fractals much but have you considered hold the line, and save yourselves?

SYS has a longer cooldown but puts out most boons, while HtL has a lower cooldown but might make your other uptimes suffer. I don't know much but you might want to try SYS instead of advance, you will have one less source of aegis however.

I think it mostly depends on the comp of your teammates.

I'm not saying you should try it. I'm just giving a suggestion.

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2 hours ago, Infinity.2876 said:

save yourselves?

SYS boons are self-only.

HtL is sometimes a decent choice (I'm a fan of using it during precasts), but you could also just run Loremaster if you don't need the extra tome pages from Weighty Terms.

Edit: I forgot to mention, if healing isn't an issue, you can take Protector's Restoration for an additional source of prot. Invigorated Bulwark is overkill in most areas anyway.

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I fixed my protection uptime problem by taking legendary lore and using unflinching charge twice every 20-30 seconds or so. On top of shield 4, mantra of solace and protector's restoration that was enough to give me perma prot.

Also, if you're taking inspiring virtues, make sure you dip into tome of courage whenever the icon is blue for more protection.

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