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The Waylit Lantern - Still bugged after 06/30 patch, but on a different step

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Gratz Ashantara. Not working for me right now.

I do remember deleting something after the collection event which I thought was a leftover. But looking at the wiki icon for those event items I doubt that was actually what I got rid of.
Bug report sent yesterday, Contact with support ongoing. Timin in the step right before says "Take this bauble to him and he’ll steer you right."

Talking to some of the players in KJR, there is a unique item called "Dwarven Trinket" that you need to give to Von Delverunnerhttps://iili.io/HyiD1A7.png

Can't find it on the wiki, but I'll try to get it restored.

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Even if it there's a way to get it back from support..it's still kitten. It shouldn't be an item that people can sell as junk on a merchant by mistake in the first place =.= I hope they fix it this week. I tried to redo the event just now and the dwarven relic that I got wasn't the one that the npc requires.. so yea, i'll try my luck asking for it on support, thanks anyway for the people who replied!

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19 hours ago, Tongue Tied Twisted.6372 said:

I contacted support (via in game method) also stuck on the same step and haven't gotten a response or the dwarven trinket sent. Is there another place for support?

Yea, there is: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us and click on submit a ticket.
I asked them to get mine back, I just got it and I was able to finish the collection. Remember to tell them what happened and the name of the item you are missing.

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