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Gliding skills in SoTO maps - is it from Bloodstone Fen Unstable Magic vendor (skill that you did need to purchase)?

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I bought skills for Gliding in Bloodstone Fen for some time ago. When I now get into Gliding mode in SoTO map I can see that where Utility skills and Elite skills usually go, there a new skills there for when one is Gliding.

Is that from those skills that you had to purchase from an Unstable Magic vendor in Bloodstone Fen or does everybody have it in SoTO maps?

Most of these skills listed here is what I can see when I am in Gliding mode.


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Yes, it's the same skills from Bloodstone Fen. I've had them since Bloodstone Fen came out, so if they're not showing up for you, I'd imagine you still need to buy them there.

EDIT - Oh, sorry, I just realised you're maybe asking if everyone has them by default in SotO. Good question, I'm not sure!

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7 hours ago, Tom.8029 said:

The merchant from Bloodstone Fen to buy the skills is in the new maps.  He asks you if you want to buy them and you say you already have them, so I imagine the merchant is there to buy them should you still need them. 

Didn't know there was a merchant from Bloodstone Fen that now also exist in SoTO maps.

I had those skills unlocked/purchased already from Bloodstone Fen and just notice while Gliding that I could see some skills that never where explained to exist in SoTO.

Maybe I missed something from SoTO story line (which GW2 have used to explain how new skills work or what is expected from player like using Rifts) and that is why I am asking here if that is a skill that everybody that have unlocked Gliding will have access to or is that something that came with Bloodstone Fen (LW)?

Everything in SoTO is so focused on Skyscale, so many players that get into Gliding mode in SoTO maps, might just not even notice that they have Gliding skills (as they just change between mounts in air) that they can both attack ground target with those skills, heal players on ground and get a short boost forward with Ley-Line elite skill (can be useful when you need to get closer to Updraft or Ley-Line).

The main difference is that with a mount you have that larger Health Pool (HP) and in Gliding if your health pool get down (especially with Jade Bot that now replace healing skill with an elevation skill to move you up in air) you get more easy in downstate or dead (as you also take fall damage).

EDIT: It is not easy to check tooltip while being in air as you don't want to loose control while checking each skills description. But I don't think we have the self healing skills where you make dodge role like animation in air (Dogfight or Flight).

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