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[NA] Beginner LF Static for Fractals, Strikes, and Raids


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I am looking for a beginner group that is interested in learning Fractals, Strikes, and Raids! While I have been playing since the beginning of GW2, it has been sporadically so I'm not a veteran to GW2 but I'm also not new MMOs. I have vast experience in raiding, in both WoW and FFXIV!



 I am looking more toward a healer/support role. Prefer to learn Engi support; Virtuoso for dps.



  • NOT available on Tuesdays or Sundays.
  • Weekends: Anytime on Fridays/Saturdays | Weekdays: Anytime on Mon/Wed/Thur

If needed, I have both a guild and Discord we can use.

For more information or to talk, contact me in-game via Kaelani.1792 or Discord via Kaelani

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