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The Waylit Lantern - step Seek out dwarves investigating the Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

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Done the event to enter the Forsaken Halls 2 times, get to the dead dwarves, and nothing is interactable and so I can't progress quest. Even worse this quest only repeats ever so often and kicks you out (while panicking to get the friggin step done).

It's super frustrating that this quest has lots of bugs (the previous steps were bugged some hours ago), same as some other SOTO collection/mastery/daily quests, and it's sapping my enjoyment of the game. Even more if more of the mastery points and relic quests that I'm missing are this broken.

Please look into these bugs asap and please do be extra careful doing quests adding quest items in old events so they won't get broken.

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Managed to do it finally. Don't know if you have to do the way to the dwarves without the Skyscale, but after doing that way the interact appeared.

It doesn't really help that the message mentioning you pick up the item is a "quit talk" that easily gets unnoticed because you are attacked as soon as you reach that area, and get loot with other mobs.

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