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Roundtail Dragon Jade Bot Skin audio volume issue

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This doesn't seem to be quite the same as other threads I searched about this item, but it might be related, idk. Note: I do not have this skin, this is about audio sourced from other players.

When another player using this bot skin is nearby, its ambient SFX (a grinding/windstorm/burning sound) is quite loud, and it gets louder with each additional player who uses the skin. It tends to drown out almost all other audio, especially when someone with this skin happens to be standing at the same crafting station/vendor/bank/BLT/waypoint/etc. that you are. The sound issue appears to be specific to this skin; if any of the other bot skins have any audio at all, I don't hear it.

The audio setting "Other players' unique item sounds" has no effect, nor does "Player instrument volume." The only setting that affects it is the main "Effects volume" slider, which seems misplaced.

This effect really should ideally be an "other player" or at worst "environment" sound, instead of a "general SFX" type.

Any way this can be looked into, please?

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For once I was quick enough to record this at Thousand Seas, albeit briefly. Note the noise increases & decreases per distance from the skinned bot.

My in-game audio settings (with music off) were approximately 15% Environment Volume, 45% Effects Volume, 5% Player Instrument Volume.

This recording is nowhere near as loud as the thing actually gets.

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