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[Suggestion] An option to tone down glider effects


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With the release of the giant flaming meteor, it and the other giant flashy gliders are becoming too much visual clutter. Having an option to tone down glider effects would be nice. I'm thinking a possible drop down menu, similar to the animation quality option, where players can select from different glider options would be needed:

  1. Low [That means all other player gliders will use the default glider appearance]
  2. Medium [Gliders that don't have particle effects or animations are rendered instead of default appearances]
  3. High [All gliders--all the time]

The immediate thing that comes to mind would be the need to have a designer adjustable tag that can be set for each glider that puts it in low, medium, or high. I imagine that it would take some time, especially with the need to change how gliders are rendered to get this suggestion through, but if implemented now rather than later (when the amount of glider skins increases), it could save time and reduce player frustration.

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I still think just an option that shows everyone else's glider as the default glider would be nice too, possibly simpler to do as well.

The biggest problem I find with ones like the meteor and raven one isn't so much the animations/particles, just the size of them. If I'm just running around doing my own thing they don't bother me much, but if a squad is gliding then you literally can't see a thing, they block the whole screen. So on those occasions just seeing them as the default glider would work I think.

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