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reflecting on my first year of gw2.

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my original toon’s first birthday is coming up in a couple days, and i figured i’d share my thoughts on the game so far.


1: the game as a whole is fun af. you can literally play however you want, and aren’t locked into any sort of grind or path unless you choose. and if you do choose to grind out stuff like masteries or legendaries, it’s actually fun. except druid runestones, those can get bent. 


2: the game is beautiful, even on my old laptop with lower settings. there really isn’t a single map that i don’t like visually, and there are countless little areas and details that are stunning. the spots in the sand of cursed shore that look almost rainbow pearlescent, the fire rain in iron marches (or fireheart rise i’m bad and forget stuff), and let’s also mention the entirety of grothmar.


3: all game modes are fun in their own ways. open world has endless events, adventures, activities, world bosses, metas, etc. instanced pve has a large amount of rich content with difficulties easy enough for beginners and hard enough for long time veterans. story mode is optional, but rewarding to play. it’s a really good story from start to finish. pvp is great practice for really learning your class and build. wvw is just stupidly fun, siege equipment and large scale battles are incredible.


4: the customer service is unparalleled. on the rare occasions that i’ve had to submit a ticket or had any questions, it’s a matter of minutes or at the very latest a few hours before i hear back from a person that actually cares about solving my issue. anet has seriously the best customer service team i’ve ever experienced except for maybe chic fil a.


5: the majority of players are great to play with. i can’t tell you how many random people i’ve grouped with for daily fractals, or tagged up with in wvw between relinks that are a delight to run with. not to mention player run websites like gw2efficiency, snowcrows, fastfarming, and THE WIKI HOLY CRAP. the game’s been out for 11 years and it’s still wildly populated by fun folks. i love it. except for LA map chat and the rp room in DR.. even mag team chat isn’t that bad. shame on yourselves.


6: my complaints are very few. the only things that come close to bumming me out are the wait times between pvp matches, and not being able to put skins on my mech or mount my asura on the back of my charr friends.


as a final note, i don’t think everyone really understands how absurd the lack of downtime is. i’ve played other games that go down for hours a week just for a server reset, and days on end for bugfixes. just had to throw that in.


thanks to anet for making, maintaining, and expanding on such a great game. i’ve had a blast this past year playing, and am wildly excited for the years to come. cheers


(forgot to mention the absence of a monthly subscription. all you have to buy is the expansions and lw, if you don’t feel like waiting.)

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