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Demoting Purified Kryptis Essence to Amalgamated Kryptis Essence

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You craft Purified Kryptis Essence out of Amalgamated Kryptis Essence and a Mystic Clover. Purified Kryptis Essence is only needed for Astral Armor, however. Everything else, including the known components for Obsidian Armor, needs Amalgamated Kryptis Essence. I have accidentally crafted a couple of additional Purified Kryptis Essence, thinking these would be needed. Unfortunately, customer support was unable to help me in this case, since Purified Kryptis Essences progress an achievement. They probably meant A Legendary Path: Astral Gifts.

Since I can imagine that others made or later might make a similar mistake (the names of the items are very similar, after all), I would propose that Lyhr (or some other vendor) sells 1 Amalgamated Kryptis Essence for 1 Purified Kryptis Essence. You still lose the clover in the process, but at least you don't lose hours of rift farming anymore.

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