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Water textures in SotO are broken and ugly

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So, me and most of our mates have noticed that the water textures in the new maps just look cheap and broken.

Let's take a closer look at Primal Maguuma in Skywatch Archipelago:

Primal Maguuma Example 1 & Primal Maguuma Example 2

What in the name of Dhuum is this? This literally looks worse than what we're used to from the 2012 core game.

The textures are extremely tiled and it looks like you're flying over squares rather than water. Not even in the core maps there is such an ugly water. Now if we compare this to some of the other cards from Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons, well... If that's intended, then I'm just disappointed. I hope these textures will be fixed soon. That's pretty embarrassing compared to the rest of the game's quality. Hopefully this isn't the graphical quality you're aiming for in the future. We are used to better and deserve better.

Here are some examples for comparison:

Water in Draconis Mons
Water in Southsun Cove
Water in Arborstone
Water in New Kaineng
Water in Crystal Desert



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On 9/1/2023 at 5:45 PM, BrightWingedBat.6829 said:

Are you sure you and your friends don't have certain graphics set lower? The water seems perfectly fine on my end.

Primal Maguuma Water | Primal Maguuma Water low angle

Yes, absolutely. My graphics settings are all on the highest. I also did the comparison screenshots of the other water textures with the same ultra settings.

Check the water again at night and tell me if you can see it. It looks kinda fine at day. 😄

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