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Silverwastes Vinewrath achievements impossible to complete

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for the past year i've been trying to get the achievements "jump up to get down," "covered in bees!," and "don't look now" every time i did riba, and i've not gotten a single one. not because i don't know what to do, not because i die or whatever, but because the bosses die so fast that the vinewrath doesn't even perform the attack you need it to perform to get the achievement.

it doesn't matter whether it's 20 people per lane or 5, the thing just melts, even when kind people listen to you when you ask them to just autoattack.

this year's power creep has only made this problem worse, and it's incredibly frustrating that nothing's been done to fix this, considering people have been reporting it for a while now (gonna assume that the people i talked to about it were being honest), and that it really shouldn't be that hard to fix.

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sure, that's easy to say.

i have been in a bunch of squads where the commander told people to stop and wait, and all it takes is literally one person to ruin that.

i've also been in very small groups on pretty much empty maps, and the bosses still died way too early. because, again, all it takes is one person to ruin it.

i've even offered people gold if they don't attack until i get the achievement, and that didn't work either.

it shouldn't take me more than a year to get these achievements. of course i don't do riba every day, but i have done it extensively, and more than enough times to know that it's not possible to get these achievements without a massive dose of luck.

the legendary targets also die way too fast, but at least for those you can sit at each camp and wait. i don't have this option here.

and again: it shouldn't take more than a year.


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