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Can Spectre just...


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Get some QoL changes already? Being a 1 On 1 support in a  team game is awkward.


Make Scepter autos Aoe that effects both allies and enemies regardless of who its hitting. I hit a enemy, my team gets barrier. I hit a teammate, the enemy gets tormented and damaged. No more of this If/Else.

Give our Wells a flip ability where we can shadowstep to them. It would be so much better if we can cast it from range like every other class without dumping ourselves into the thick of a group as a support oriented class.

Allow our shadow shroud to latch onto 5 allies.


Class would play so much better as a support with these changes.

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You'd need to make the flip part of the Well greasy fast with no cast time. Right now, the Wells have a decently fair cast time and its pretty good mobility and team responder if you're alert and thinking a little ahead. If I have to give enemies even a half second or a second more to lock me down, then I'm going to eat a lot more deaths. 

How would you handle the benefits or offensive modifiers if you're splashing allies and enemies with the same targeted hit? 

I wouldn't mind tethering up to 5 people at a time but a cap on that could cause problems. Not sure how you would handle Shroud health because I'm sweating even one tether to keep up in WvW focused fire. I think there would still have to be a priority Tether because you'll want to set one at some point to weaponize and drive around and you might get deep into action only for the game to drop that person as a tether because they scrambled a little and the game chose a different 5th person to tether to.

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