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Daily tasks from the WV should accumulate up to a certain threshold so you don't have to stay on top of them every day and miss out if you have to take a day off...


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I can't do dailies every day but I don't really like the idea of logging in after some time away to a huge list of dailies. I know I can ignore them (and sometimes do even when I can log in) but it would be daunting to have it there.

Also I think Anet have already tried to address this, but through the type and pricing of the rewards. I was surprised at how quickly I could get the griffon skin and even though I've only been able to do 7 days worth of dailies and 1 set of weeklies (plus 5 more weeklies) I've also managed to get one of the armour skins and when I finish 1 more weekly I'll have a second one. Assuming there's no big surprises I expect to be able to get everything I want from the current rewards before they change, even knowing I'm going to miss at least 1 full week in September.

It's not possible to get all the limited rewards (and obviously not possible to get all the unlimited ones), but there's a total of 14,760 AA available and getting all the rewards that aren't gold, crafting materials or consumables like transmutation charges costs 8,500 so you can afford to miss 6,260 AA. If I've added it up right you can get 8,360 from weekly achievements and 1,350 from special ones, so you can get everything except the consumables and currencies without doing any dailies at all.

I prefer that system - cheaper 'main' rewards and optional extra ones which are available in other ways to the prospect of spending hours doing multiple rounds of dailies back to back on the days I can log in to catch up.

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I'd prefer for them to not reset - for example, if I only managed to complete 2 (+login) on one day, then the next day I would only need to complete 1 and get the daily chest - this would be useful in cases where one of the dailies is bugged or just not something I want to do - right now, there are some days I completely skip doing any, as I sort of feel that if I can't get all 3 done, there is no point doing any.

Of course, this isn't quite true (still get 30AA for each you do), but I've certainly completed less dailies since WV came out compared to the system before.


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