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which play style you prefer


which play stayle you prefer   

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  1. 1. what kind of play stayle do you guys prefer with ranger

    • power
    • condi
    • healer
    • hybrid

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I would rate power > healing > condi. I do not play / enjoy hybrid that much (every time I feel like I should have been power or condi instead) so I will not rate it.

I like power in general and it feels great on ranger. In PvE slb and untamed feel really good with their heavy hits, animations + you have to watch out for phases. Same in PvP you have to watch out for a lot of things but still can turn around a lot of fights.

Healing druid is really fun. In PvE you can now bring good amount of utilities making you quite adaptable. I rate it lower than power because there are less builds and it feels a bit weird in PvP. I had tried healing untamed during the beta and found it boring.

Condi on ranger is solid / stable but is not as fun. In PvE Condi slb is too straightforward for my taste but it is fine in PvP (when there are not a ton of reflects). Druid is the opposite, I like it in PvE (more aoe, utilities) but not in PvP. Finally I do not like condi untamed.

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Which I prefer and which is most optimal are different questions. It also depends greatly on the game mode/encounter. I currently play power more but I think that's just because it feels more optimal in more situations. I would like to play more condi but Ranger currently has more options for power weapons than Condi. You're basically stuck with Shortbow and Dagger for main hand with Axe as a condi-leaning hybrid that doesn't have conditions on auto attack.

Condi also feels slower more restricted on trait choices, almost precluding any trait lines besides Wildnerness Survival and Skirmishing plus your choice of Elite spec.

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