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Inconsitencies with adrenaline generation with lingering fields on warrior?

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So first a little prelude: After watching a wvw warrior video I noticed something peculiar, that the person in question wasn't gaining adrenaline near as efficiently as I do. After some testing and looking I was a bit of a kitten and realized that I was using the furious trait (crits gain 1 adrenaline) while the other person doesn't, explaining the adrenaline difference on longbow burst usage. But something still felt weird to me, like why is that person not gaining ANY adrenaline from the AoE after it's placed?

Now in first glance this does kinda makes sense, it would be a little to broken for an AoE skill to so easily generate adrenaline (at least in the wvw perspective). But according to how warriors work, they are supposed to get adrenaline everytime they "strike" an enemy. Now this could mean two things, either it means it gets adrenaline on the direct cast of the skill, or that it would proc on any power damage. In the second case it would mean that lingering AoE fields (for example the burst skill on longbow) would generate an adrenaline on each pulse tick, which it doesn't seem to be the case. So you would expect that adreanline generation would behave like the first case?

The problem here is that I found out that Radiation Field violates this principle. For those who never heard of that skill, it's an asuran racial skill that leaves a damaging field that does a tiny bit of damage and poisons. The conditions aren't really important but the one important thing is that like the longbow burst skills it is a pulsating damage field, it deals continuous damage. And this skill actually does generate adrenaline on each pulsating damage tick.

Now I haven't really tested anything with other aoe fields (mostly cause there really are like none on warrior except for longbow), but it seems weird that there is one damaging field that does generate adrenaline while the longbow ones don't. Soooo, is Radiation Field just a weird outlier and shouldn't generate adrenaline or are longbow skills supposed to generate adreanline from its lingering aoe fields but doesn't?

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