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NA Player LF Active Small to Medium sized PvX Guild

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Hello Everyone,

As the title states I am in search of an active EST PvX guild, I am currently on SoR but willing to transfer for the right WvW group. I do Fractals, Raids, Strikes, and WvW; I don't expect a guild to participate in all of those activities regularly but its a big plus if yours does. Ultimately I am looking for a guild where people hang out in discord or talk in guild chat and regularly do things together, if you think your guild is the right fit message me in game (Rivalution.8541) or on discord (Inevitable).

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 What We Offer You 

We Are seeking Adults who want a place to call home. We are continuing to look for more friends to add to Our Guild!

Very Active Discord! Members on all hours of the day! 

All welcome! Family Friendly (no profanity, No raunchy talk Period, with an adult crowd innuendos are okay) 

We are patient, and encouraging, have no bullying, no racism,  and support. 


 Our Guild 

We do a little of everything including






• Guild Missions/Guild Events most nights.

• Discord and a guild hall level 32 and growing.

• Helpful, active mentoring, beginner, veteran, and returning player friendly.

• We are seeking people for all time zones. *Remember we are on NA servers*

 About The Madhouse


Be Reborn in the Mad House Retreat!

Join a group of friends who will never judge you and want you to had fun in our family-style guild.

We are not looking for members we are looking for Friendships.

All we ask is that you give respect to your fellow guild mates and they in turn will do the same.

We want you to be a part of the family!


 To Join 

If we sound like a fit for you or you have any questions, please drop us an in-game note or whisper.

Message: JABYRD.9278 (Guild Leader) in Game or Discord: JABYRD7773

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  • Jun 11 JABYRD.9278 changed the title to The Madhouse! Looking for New, Vet and Returning Players! NA. End game content
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Hi @Rivalution.8541! Looking at your player needs, you might find Remnants of Hope to be the right place to call home. We have regular events for all the game modes you mentioned (Tarnished Coast for WvW). Our players regularly do things together, although the chat in between tends to be text on discord. 

Are we a medium-sized guild? I'm not sure what your definition is--we are part of a large gaming community with multiple games represented. We typically have 40-50 players online during Eastern time evenings and weekends, which gives plenty of people to participate in whatever you are interested in. But it often feels like a small community, where people get to know each other pretty well.

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