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Defeat 10 Enemies While Under a Nourishment Effect not counting correctly


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If this matters at all, I have a Metabolic Primer im using with Spherified Peppercorn-Spiced Oyster Soup.

Ok, so I hop into wvw and run right into a mesmer before doing anything else and we fight and I end up finishing him. I somehow jumped up to 7/10 finished for the daily from just that. I think the clones that I killed counted? Well after that I run with a tag and we fight some zergs for a while, I get credited with a number of kills that I've tagged, however I notice I haven't gone up from 7/10. And yes I still have my Primer and Soup going. Not sure if my first fight bugged it or has been as flaky for everyone else, but yeah I can't get past 7/10 atm for the daily.


UPDATE: Changed maps and got it from clearing some npc's from a camp... I don't know whether to be happy or frustrated it was that simple.

Note, to be clear, I had killed several npc's on the first map I was in while with my zerg when we took a few camps/towers and they never counted.

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