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Relic of Fireworks - Annoying animation

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this relic stands out above the rest for my Power Reaper build, but the colourful little explosions do not really suit my dark moody styled necromancer, and the constant banging is annoying in combat.... Is there any way this animation can be disabled, like with legendaries? It was funny once but it kind of ruins the vibe of my semi roleplay build… to think I’ve now gotta put up with this animation every 6 seconds for as long as I play power now is silly lol

thanks 🙂

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Thank you for mentioning this. I legitimately just stopped playing the meta power reaper build anymore due to how much the Relic of Fireworks ruins the experience for me. If Anet is going to insist on putting extremely distracting, loud and immersion-breaking animations on relics, at least allow us to turn them off please.

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