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Anyone would love a Netflix series of this franchise?


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1 hour ago, Teknomancer.4895 said:

How can you even tell if WoT is bad? The camera work makes it too dark to see anything, and the characters all speak a dialect of rapid-fire Mumblish!  🤣

LoL It's an embarrassment.  And I say that as someone who read the entire series and find it very overrated.  I thought that adapting it to a screen series would improve it as Jordan has a pronounced tendency to ramble and derail the plot.  But no.  If anything this adaptation is even worse!

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So you want Netflix or Amazon to make good costumes for charrs or asuras? To make decent story? To follow the books and make good looking tyria? You can see very well that they just can not, especially after Witcher and Rings of Power......I wish this never cross a mind of any of these useless companies.

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