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Sword skills bug on Holosmith

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For some odd reason on my Sylvari engineer the sword weapon skills don't change when I swap to the Holosmith specialisation, while on another human engineer it is not an issue. For example the sword weapon always has 2 blades on Refraction Cutter and always does only 2 bleeds and the minimum amount of damage. The leap skill always has the same amount of quickness and does not get a damage increase. Besides that when I have no heat on Holosmith I am supposed to only have 1 blade and 1 bleed going out while having no heat at all. Somehow none of the buffs sword should get when playing Holosmith and gaining heat are applying, it's like the recent changes to sword are overriding my Holosmith specialisation.

Changing specialisation or taking the weapon off and on has no effect.



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I don't know if it's related, but time ago (before the weapon master training) I watched a video on youtube where a guy unlocked the dragonhunter elite spec, equipped a bow (the game allowed it) but all the skills were grayed out, even when he selected the elite spec, afterwards.

Try to unequip the weapon (not only switching it), change skill tree back and forth and equip the weapon again. It might be that the weapon skills are not updated if you load a new skill tree for the first time.

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Grayed out (that you can't use the skills at all) or like the OP (that the skills are the same with and without the holosmith spec equipped)? 

I tried my engineer right now, against the golem and:

Refraction Cutter

as Mechanist: 1000-1300 dmg + 2 blades

as Holosmith: 1000-1300 dmg + 1 blade at 0 heat and 3 blades at 90% heat

Radiant Arc

as Mechanist: 1500-1700 dmg + 3 sec quickness

as Holosmith: 1500-1700 dmg + 2 sec quickness at 0 heat, 4 sec at 90% heat


The OP seemed to expect a bonus damage with Radiant Arc, while in Holo, but according to the skill description there should be no damage increase, only a different quickness.

Do you have different results from your combat log, while trying against the golem? (obviously I checked the dmg only on the hits that didn't crit). The bleeding was also quite random, since I had some trait that caused bleeding with a critical hit, but from the log you can see if you launched 1 or 2 blades.

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Still bugged for me as well.


The ultimate proof, regardless of any expectation of damage, is that Holosmith should not be able to fire only two blades from the 2 skill. It only fires 1, 3, or 5 based on heat threshold, or 2 if you're on something other than Holosmith. Being able to fire two blades at all means something isn't working right.

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Why is this issue being neglected by the Devs? This has been an issue for me as well and would hate to delete all the progress of my Holosmith just to get the sword heat traits working. Can any admin/GM respond to this?

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Yep still fighting in my other post, i don`t know if they want to wait to have half the engineers without being able to use the sword in holosmith or what because this affect everyone that created one after August of last year in pve and WvW.

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