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(Unhidged idea) Role que


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We all know mm in this game such a gamba.Rarely you finding a good supports keep healing you and ressing you and other times you finding full damage teams.And which side have better team comb wins.

İts a far fetch idea in this low community.But Role que wouldn't be a good system for pvp?Yes rank wise it might differ but team comb wise at least will be fair .One support,Tree damage and one roamer role spots.And they need to do preferred builds for enter to support with this way they can't enter to support spot as damage.


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This community believes the only role is: to win. You must queue to win, become a transient main of the giga-fotm, and learn the most important rule: play to win. Fun is non-essential to the plan in playing to win. Because, winning is fun, and thereby fun is winning. Synonyms, if you will. So, we already have role queue.

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