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Skyscale Growing Comforts : Dyanne doesn't detect the pieces of Skyscale Food

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I don't know if anyone else has the problem, but I bought the 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food from Dyanne near the Beacon of Ages in order to do the Skyscale Growing Comforts and Dyanne doesn't detect them in my inventory therefore I cannot get the Skyscale Treat part of the collection so I am stuck and cannot finish A New Friend...

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I'm having this issue, too.  I've been searching around to see if anyone mentioned it or how to get around it, but you're the first post I found.  I had 12 already, then I thought maybe I had to get them from her, so I tried that, too.  So..... now I have 24 treats, and she still doesn't recognize/accept them. There's no option to give them to her, only to ask for help.

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I had this issue too but figured out it was MY issue and not a game bug.

Try this:

IF you've crafted or purchased the required 12 pieces of Skyscale food from the BLTP, Click on Dyanne: ->>>Choose: "I need help with the food, treats, and toys." ->>> Choose: "Let's talk Skyscale food." ->>> Ignore the first option and instead choose "Skyscale Treat". That will get you the Skyscale treat and fulfill the requirement for the achievement.


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