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No reward from weekly chest after completing the objectives

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I received nothing from the chest awarded after completing 6/6 weekly objectives: it got opened instantly (or, in that case, displayed as if it was opened), but gave no rewards.

I am sure about that, since my Astral Acclaim's amount didn't change: it stayed at 310 and, according to the wiki, that special weekly chest should award 450 by itself.

After submitting a ticket (support), I was instructed to complete another objective (so, 7 out of the required 6) and check if anything changed. However, after doing so, the issue persisted.

Apparently, the support is unable to give me the missing rewards. Tough luck, right?

Anyways, I wanted to post this so that anyone who had/has a similar problem can at least find a search result.

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Also happened to me yesterday.

I was sitting on 5/6 weeklies, finished two more - Kill 50 Veterans and 100 Void Enemies, claimed both objectives for 40 AA just fine, putting me at 7/6 weekly objectives, but the weekly reward chest sits open as if it has been already opened. I'm sure I didn't claim it and forget it, because I was sitting at 170 AA after it all, and it should've been at least 550 if I had claimed the weekly chest as well. And I hadn't bought any rewards after completing them either.

Sent a bug report, wrote to support, whom said they cannot assist with anything currencies related and to send a bug report. 😐

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Happened to me today. Had a day left so I thought I'd better get it done. Completed the 6th objective in WvW and the chest stayed grayed out. Jumped out of WvW, nothing. Did the 7th Objective, claimed it, still nothing. I don't know whether this matters or not, but I never claimed the previous week's chest. Had it done, but forgot about it. Can't believe this bug is still here. Isn't my first time.

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