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The Asura home instance is deficient

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Seems strange that a lot of people claim the Asura are the master race, when they can't even make a home instance that has vendors to sell your junk to, purchase those race weapons you want, nor even create stairs you don't have to JUMP to ascend on. 

Come on, did the developer leave this one home instance up to that summer intern that was a real slacker?

Is there any way to fix it (other than don't bother going to the Asura home instance, just create some other race character and use their home instance)???

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Asura home instance is my home of choice. My mule/crafting human lives there. The harvesting nodes are in a neat little circle, other than the bandit chest that likes to go rogue (😆) sometimes.

The vendors and crafting stations are just down the ramp.

I had to figure out what you meant by the stairs because it’s such a non-issue.

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