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I am meta! A tabletop game inspired by GW2


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since I injured my wrist/right hand and couldn't play much GW2, I spent some time making a tabletop game, named "I am meta!".

The rules, in short, consist in choosing a profession (that comes with its own card and set of 6 skills) and fight 1 random boss (out of 18. I tried to make them similar to the actual fights). Both the players and the boss have their own skills (the players can choose which one to use, while for the boss you roll a d6). You can inflict conditions (only 1 for now, to make things easier), cleanse them, block and evade attacks, and heal yourself. There is some strategy involved, as the skills/blocks have a cool-down, but also some luck, for example to stun break a knockdown. The player who deals more damage when the boss dies, wins.

It only has the core professions for now. In case people are interested, I might add some elite spec and add also new boons like quickness and alacrity. But for now I made it simple (balancing the professions is not that easy, and every match took me 4-5 hours). Suggestions are welcome.

The pdf with the full rules can be found here: https://lfp.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/I-am-meta.pdf

While the .zip with the material to print can be found here: https://lfp.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/I_am_meta_pack.zip

Have a good time!

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Hmm, it was a personal website on altervista. I don't get a warning, but a message "the file can be accessed clicking here". Let's try with another website that usually gives no problem. I don't know how I can share them otherwise. Maybe Google Drive.


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