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Builds I enjoy fighting


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Blowing off some negativity is satisfying and all, but I think it's equally important to provide some positive feedback from time to time. So this time I'll be focusing on the builds I find fun to fight. 

(Opinions ahead. You have been warned)



I almost always lose this 1v1 because SpB players are cracked. But the losses feel perfectly fair. SpB has no real jank to surprise you with. Just a couple of hard hitting moves with clear telegraphs, and a few CCs to set them up. Mess up, and get hit by the CC's and you die. Play around them and you win. 

Full counter rewards you for NOT mashing your keys (bad habbit of mine. I like pressing buttons). Everything it does feels like it's pushing me to play better. It punishes you for playing brain-off. 


Hammer Warrior

As an engi enjoyer this one might seem odd. Most people complain about hammer Warriors ability to stunlock you even through 3+ stunbreaks. Most of my builds are lucky if they can fit one. I enjoy fighting this build because of how well done Warriors Telegraphs are. Lagging Warriors are their own hellbeast, but assuming the Warrior has a stable connection... Deaths to this build almost always feel deserved. 

You can very clearly see the big hammer coming straight towards your face, and there are plenty of ways to avoid getting pinned to the floor. Play your cards right, and this build will run out of steam, and struggle to land a single combo on you. Mess up, and enjoy your interactive cutscene where you get to watch your healthbar drop to zero. It's a lot light fighting a Kazuya in smash bros. If you're on point, they're going to struggle to get that fancy 0-death off, and it feels good when you're able to pull the win on them. 


Power Herald 

When this build isn't porting on me through a wall, and it's a straight 1v1. It's a fun fight. You don't normally get those with this build because they like to +1 fights, but when you do it's an enjoyable battle. Like Warrior, Herald has good telegraphs. They have clear points where they're strong, and clear points where they're weak and you can pressure them back. landing even one stun on a  herald can be enough to force a legend swap or burn them out of energy. 

On the other hand, they have plenty of damage to punish you for sloppy play. One misstep and you can kiss your healthbar goodbye. 



It's funny to bully them. Lol. 


Ranger (LB/GS)

Another build that can punish you with some brutal burst if you mess up. But it's got good telegraphs and clear weaknesses to exploit. (Perhaps you're noticing a pattern here). There's some annoying jank with pets and stealth, but overall, if you can LoS longbow, and kite greatsword, you can outplay this build. It's on the ranger to fight creative ways around these tactics (or catch you unaware) if they want to kill you. 


Catalyst (Hammer)

A fellow hammer enthusiast. Our battle shall be LEGENDARY. 



This is a 1v1 I struggle with for reasons I can't explain. But spinal shivers asside (hand waving is NOT a good telegraph idc what anyone says), all of Reaper's skills are well telegraphed. I almost always know WHY I died to one and what I should have done better. There's a clear path to victory when fighting one. It's just not always the easiest to execute. 


Scrapper (No nades)

You almost never see this build anymore. But When I get the rare opportunity to fight this mirror matchup it's like Christmas. Scrapper is another class with very good telegraphs and clear weaknesses. One good stun is all it takes, it's just matter of who burns who's stunbreak first and lands that big combo. 


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I like fighting:


  • Thieves, generally (that arent Washie). This can be on warrior or a mirror match. Washie is a cracked Hideo Kojima cosplayer and he needs to be stopped.
  • Warriors that aren't bladesworn (unless its Yerloqq or Thanix). Some condi warriors are entertaining. Hydragaen is terrifying.
  • Revenants, generally. There's a mallyx one with the last name "Bloodhaven" that I find particularly fun to fight, Mark and Mecto are also fun.
  • Guardians, generally. DH is annoying, willbender is less annoying.
  • Reapers, most harbingers. scourges are hit or miss.
  • Most engineers, specifically holos. Spleef Demon, Woodstock, Undercharged shot and Rory are impressive.
  • Rangers that arent sic-em soulbeast, Ruso Ramblemaw and Barbie in particular.
  • Power mesmers, especially if they're power block oriented since I have tools to deal with that a little now. I dislike fighting most virtuosos, but some are okay.
  • Specifically one condi mesmer that looks like Dr. Rockso. I will butcher his name if I try.
  • Oneshot eles, particularly Saladis Arcanis and Oneshot Dan.
  • Hammer Eles in general

I like fighting some form of every profession, as long as your build isn't designed to put people to sleep. 

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I like mid fights where there is supports, sustain dps, and all sides following targets and new target changes, trying to revive/block revives. By revive I mean normal pickups, not the OP stability+ranged res. I don't really care what specs, its just that situation I like. Rarely happens though.

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