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calm skyscales


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26 minutes ago, reddie.5861 said:

Did you talk with this NPC to start that event?


If it is that event where you have to look at three Skyscale (there a three different icon above their head to indicate what they want/need that you have to pick up close to that NPC), then I have done it a couple of times and didn't notice that it was bugged.

The third one can be hard to see if you don't walk close enough to see its icon for what it want/need and pick up Medicine /Food (apple) or Water (blue water symbol). Those work as bundles replacing your weapon skills, but you can use mounts without loosing bundle and you can use utilities (like Blink/Portal for Mesmer or Lightning Flash for Elementalist - teleport skills).

From wiki I can not see that there is some pre-event that needs to be done or if there map meta that changes when this event will be active.

Did you have a bar that fill up to show progression for this event on right side where you have all objectives listed below compass (minimap) when you did this event? It is possible that you came late to this event and you only had to do one to complete this event.


If it is really bugged, then use in chat /IP (when you are still on the same map as event bugged out) that will show on which map instance you are on right now and might be useful to devs to track down if this is related to certain server/map instances or a more general issue.


Report it either in game or here on forum for BUG section.

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