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Pets are too tiny


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hi GW2 devs,

can we please have larger sized ranger pets for players but other players see current size or can turn off other people's ranger pets. This way the player gets a satisfaction of having bigger pets, like Garm the wolf and other players won't have their gameplay hampered, the pets are too tiny, especially for bigger races like Norn and charr. please consider this feedback and add larger sized pets for Rangers.

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yeah make them even bigger so we make sure that the real players can hide even more behind...

Edit: whoops, should had read it. So you want to see it bigger but not ennemies, thats fair, then I'll be the one hiding behind 😛

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I'm also in favour having bigger pets! I made a norn ranger, as I personally think the norns fits the ranger aesthetic the best with them being hunters and such in the lore. The pets are small compared to the larger races, and I would like to have my pets at the size of Garm, so the pets could fit the size of my norn.

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