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Weekly: Participate in 1 PVP Tournament Match


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I got the weekly in title. How do I even do this weekly? It looks like I have to queue with 4 other players and the tournaments are only open at certain times of the day. I'm mostly doing PVP to get my legendaries and am frankly not great (though I would love to learn!). I chose only PVP for dailies for synergy on working towards my legendaries each day. What is the match structure in tournaments? I would assume most teams are extremely skilled pre-mades, meaning I'm likely losing every match. Am I going to have to play 3 matches I am doomed to lose before I start?

This weekly quest seems a really strange choice to me. Forcing players into tournaments feels similar to forcing players into raids, and I really wouldn't want to play raids with players that don't want to be there.

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It is an odd one, but yes, ppls do lfg for tourneys. There are generally fewer teams participating than awards available so there will frequently be afk/bot teams that are just there for the rewards. GL finding something, I chose to ignore that one . . .

Also, if you want to continue to do pvp dailies but don't want the tournament weekly, you can just remove pvp from your preferences between Sunday night reset and weekly reset, then add them back in after weekly reset but before Monday night reset. I'm not sure if you will find any of the modes wholly free of all issues for you though, you may still find yourself having to choose between doing something you'd rather not and sacrificing some rewards . . .

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