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Struggled with finding a profession

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With the lack of the typical archetypes (tank, dps, healer, support) model, I find it difficult to determine what profession to pick.

I have typically played healer-oriented characters.  Think Cleric, Chronomancer, Priest, Paladin, Runemaster, Spiritmaster, etc.  

What matches well with that playstyle?  Guardian seems closely aligned to a "paladin" style archetype.  I'm looking for suggestions/thoughts :).

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In the immortal words of Jaya Ballard (from Magic: The Gathering) "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe . . . oh, why not all of them?"

Guild Wars is purportedly designed to allow all professions to fill all roles, though your mileage may vary. Also consider, healing works very differently in each of the modes (PVE, PVP, WVW) and even within different parts of PVE content.

You won't typically see "Pure Healer", rather you more commonly see heal + a specific buff. For example Guardian is heal + quickness (Firebrand). Engineer is heal + alac (Mechanist). Most of PVE group meta typically involves everyone stacking in one spot so buffs and heals can be spammed in one spot, but there are encounters that disrupt that.

I've always liked Guardian myself (esp for open world due to aegis) and found Engineer (Mechanist ) to be too passive. For healing, I've been meaning to try Ranger (Druid), and maybe Necromancer (Scourge).

Ultimately, Guild Wars 2 is very "alt" friendly. You'll want a good "open map" character for advancing through the story and can have other characters for other styles of play.

Here is one popular place to find builds for the different modes:


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Guard is also the most versatile profession. I think followed by Revenant which also can be played as healer, but due to recent nerfs not as effective any more as before. Guard has been top choice even after certain updates/changes to it. So it is a save recommendation and a heal fireband is always welcome and often sought after. And if there is no need for heal, he can switch to a damage spec like dragonhunter.

Unfortunately you won't experience its full scale until you specialised and equipped accordingly. Which will take a while after lvl 80.

While levelling I found the guard as condi damage dealer (all to fire/burning) the easiest way to level and play the story and open world.

And GW2 playing style can't be compared to others, not even to GW1 where you had the classic setups.

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Guardian is the easiest // best, also very versatile, if u get bored, and wanna play DPS or anything later, with equipment tab and build tab, u can quickly swap roles. Also cheapest in equipment cost.


Necro compete with guardian in versatility, but equipment is more expensive.

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