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Hi there

For the last two days i keep getting either of these two errors when I try to open the Wizard Vault tab, or if I want to open the Gem Store Tab :(,

I did a fresh install of windows and GW2, disabled firewall completely, ran as Administrator, cleared cache etc. and it's still giving the same problem

I can't do my Vault dailies, nor use the Gem store and it's really annoying...

HELP! please 😞  


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I only get this at the gem store - and only the first time after starting the game and it disappears quickly and everything works normally. Had this in Win 7 at my ancient computer and at the less ancient (still far away from being high-end hardware-wise but the game runs more smooth now) Win 11 with a fresh install.

Only the err_aborted thing though. Never had something with timeout.

What Chaba said might be helpful. Also contacting the support and using the diagnostic more to get some log. And tracerout stuff not only a ping for the URL Chaba mentioned. (At the starting days of GW2 back then in 2012/13 we had a ton of routing problems where it often affected people of certain ISPs - even if those had good reputation and were more expensive ... but had bad routing to the ArenaNet servers.)

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