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[OCS] OceanStar Guild [Oceania +] Recruiting // Ehmry Bay // Relaxed Environment // All Content


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Hi guildies.. My typical IGN is MikaelMagick and i've just re-booted my guild for Guild Wars 2..

I really missed the experience of bringing people together and having a good time with all content in the game.

I am in no means a Veteran. I have played the game on and off for years, but see this more as an opportunity to socialize with good people and have a good time.

I am willing and looking forward to growing with the group, both socially and in regards to PvP/WvW/etc.

If you're after some "serious" PvP you'll have to look elsewhere.

P.S. I will be recruiting Officers for the guild to help support me to run different events throughout the weeks, HMU if interested!

Thanks for reading!

Our Discord:

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