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[Suggestion] Augmentation system to add kryptis essences as drops from kryptis kills

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Can we please add similar augmentation system as LW3/4? It'd be alternative source of obtaining kryptis essences as drops from kryptis kills instead of doing rifts, this way players can continue to work toward the astronomical amounts that are required while playing the contents, but do not make rift redundant as rifts would still have more from event reward for those wanting to fast track them

T1 - regular kryptis have a chance to drop T1 essence, i'd say 50/50
T2 - vet kryptis have guarantee T1 essence, chance to drop T2 essence
T3 - elite kryptis have guarantee T2 essence drop, chance to drop T3 essence
T4 - champ kryptis have guarantee T3 essence drop

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18 hours ago, GeraldBC.4927 said:

That idea is bad for the same reason why making convergences unlimited would be.

If you can just get it from random overworld mobs, what point is there to do rift hunting?

by saying that it is very clear that you have not done enough rift hunting and understand how much essences you get from them

here's a simple math for you, lets assume that if we could get avg 2x T1 essences from a single regular and vet kryptis kills
you need to kill about 10 kryptis to open a T1 rift, so that makes 20x T1 essences from killing for rift pre-event
a single T1 rift event if you have mastery maxed plus using motivation on avg you are getting around 40
with what I have proposed you get getting extra 50% more essences from a T1 rift, plus T2 / T3 essence from the elite rift boss
this also help boost the amount of T1 essences if you are only hunting T2 and T3 rifts, since only the pre-event gives up to 7x T1 essences

each T1 rift typically do not take more than 2-3 min to finish, how long would it take you to kill random 30 kryptis? it's a no brainer that rifts would still be more efficient

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1 hour ago, crepuscular.9047 said:

by saying that it is blah blah blah

I've done tons of rift hunting. Yes I know how many essences per rift you get.

For starters, nobody actually spends 5 ectos just to get some extra t1 essences. So from the get-go your calculation is making false assumptions. That's not even mentioning the presumptuousness of that first line. Even if it was buffed and made more efficient than killing random overworld mobs, the fact that it can be avoided as a dedicated activity would effectively kill it. 

Stop begging anet to give you free essences and just farm them. 

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