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Character Animations (did someone get fired half way through?)

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Other night while streaming we got on the discussion of character animations in GW2, but then once I saw it, it could never been unseen. It almost hit me as if "did the animations person get fired half way through during the creation of the game back in the lat 2000's?". And obviously (tehee) the cute precious Asura's got ALL the animation love! HECK YEAH!

So, do this, but I warn you, you can never unsee it... Strip down the female human its bra and panties. Place a one handed mace in her hand. Auto walk and hit the "1" ability multiple times. Notice the bottom portion of the body does not move with the upper portion of the torso when the weapon swings. In fact if you wear pants with a belt, the belt doesn't even move. So I asked the stream "did the animation people get fired half way through the animations of the classes in his game?!" It looks really funny.

That's when I said "yep, yet another GREAT reason to love the Asura race!". For some reason they got massive, beautiful animations from head to... flippers. Charr are not too bad, but there's still lower-stiffness torso's. Plants people are pretty good, too. But now I hate all my human races characters because I cannot unsee the lack of animation 😞

So with all I've said, create a Female Guardian and do the same thing. Wait till the 3rd animation (again, one handed mace) and look very closely at the 3rd skill from the mace while hitting a mob. You will never unsee that neck breaking movement 😁

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