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Prologue: Uncertain Times bug

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Hello.  I have a bug where the quest Prologue: Uncertain Times is stuck on "Read the mail from Faren".    I do not receive mail from her, and my inbox is currently 0/10.
I have tried pressing [Quit this Chapter] in the quest log, starting a new quest, and then reactivating but I still do not receive mail from Faren.

Any tips on how I can fix this?

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One other thing you can try related to 'stuck' mail is to pick up any items/gold from the Trading Post.

You could try this, as well:  ...head to your racial home instance. A Canthan woman will meet you there. Her name is Mi-Rae, she's a reporter, and she forged that letter to get an interview with you. Go through the interview; eventually you will get a message from Taimi (and this message is real) giving you an excuse to break off the conversation.

If you continue to have issue, you can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below.

Good luck.

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Apologies.  I actually found the mail I needed in the list.
Salma District Woes
It was marked as read, but I completely missed it when I tried to find it.  I think I did receive the mail once and I restarted the quest.  I never got a second copy like other quests would typically do.   That's where my confusion came from.   All sorted now.   Thank you.

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