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New ''Blink'' Build for Deadeye <⦻> [Staff/Rifle] [And overall needed changes and bug fixes]


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Before the build explanation, a quick repeat of what is needed to be brought back and fixed: (Note: ALL of these things I included here, together with build, are based and oriented for PvE!)

  1. Increase damage per Malice to old 25%;
  2. Fix ''Spotters's  Shot'' and ''Double Tap'' Visual Effects [Regular Bullets on ''Double Tap'' and Immobilize/Purple Chain Effect on ''Spotter's Shot''];
  3. Increase the brightness of the Orange/Yellow Line from ''Death's Judgment'' attack [We need the thrill of that ''Snipe'' moment and/or add additional effects and sounds];
  4. Bring back ''Shadow Flare's'' Pulse to 5 times and decrease the damage [Maybe put extra Condition ''Blindness'' per pulse interval for 0.5 seconds [For example, not necessary]];
  5. Make Deadeye's Mark Targetable on Bosses of Meta Events and other missions [Some of them are untargetable, not that all, but some of them].

Now onto ''Blink'' Build

Full Berserker's Set of Trinkets, Armors and Weapon Stats;

For both Weapons take Superior Sigils of Force and Accuracy [Recommended]; [Optional is to take Superior Sigil of Impact if you always fight with Foes that can be Knocked Down]

Superior Runes of Scholar;

Relic of the Deadeye.


  • Critical Strikes: Twin Fangs - Practiced Tolerance - No Quarter
  • Trickery: Thrill of the Crime - Bountiful Theft - Sleight of Hand
  • Deadeye: One in the Chamber - Premeditation - Fire for Effect


  • Healing Skill: Withdraw
  • Utility Skill 1 : Shadowstep
  • Utility Skill 2 : Infiltrator's Signet [Optional]
  • Utility Skill 3 : Mercy [Must]
  • Elite Skill: Shadow Meld [Must]


  • Almost Perma Max Stacks Boons for you and all Allies around you and your Targeted Foe;
  • Being a ''Shredder'' while being the ''Greatest Boon Support'';
  • Boons constantly applied are [Might; Fury; Vigor; Swiftness; Quickness; +Extra for Kill Is Regeneration];
  • Gain constant 5% Strike Damage from ''Premeditation'' or 6% if you have that Extra Regeneration from Kill;
  • Quickness on Staff Main usage is fun and fast;
  • Stealth from Deadeye's Skills give you constant ''Malicious Hook Strike'' for 400 Defiance Break and Knock Down's, Which means a lot of Crowd Control;
  • No need on focusing on the Target you Targeted with Deadeye's Mark since you only need the boons from them, tho it is always damage bonus for the Targeted Foe [Famous Quote: ''Just a bit of your Soul, you won't miss it.'']
  • Bonus thing, if you use some of the Staff Skins that Leave Traces behind them and have overall nice color patterns to leave as a trace, will be beautiful with Attack Animations of Staff Basic Attacks.


  • If not done correctly on constant Deadeye's Mark usage and triggering the Stolen Skill ''Steal Time'' you loose overall damage and speed of actions;
  • Will need to switch from time to time to ''Rifle'' so it won't be that of a damage but will still be decent Long Range damage;
  • Cooldowns from Mercy and Shadow Meld will be only break point for you to ''Survive'' till those skills refresh;
  • The Style of playing can be bland for constant usage of Basic Attacks and Skill 4 and 2;


Starting with the immediate [Deadeye's Mark]. You Trigger the [Stolen Skill] then Activate [Mercy] for the next [Stolen Skill] and then again [Deadeye's mark] and here you press skill 4 three times on MARKED TARGET till you reach [Max Stacks of Malice] and then use [Stolen Skill] to get into [Stealth] and then use basic attack [Malicious Hook Strike] to [Knock Down] enemy so you can get those Extra [Quickness] Seconds. Repeat the Skills that use initiative, recommended skill 4 [Dust Strike] for it, as it's the fastest skill to use and has range on it to get [Stacks of Malice] and use [Shadow Meld] for another [Malicious Hook Strike] on Foe to get Extra [Quickness] and also Free [Stolen Skill] that you can use again on normal or [Max Stacks of Malice]. If you by any chance loose some of these in the process, or mess up with the [Stealth] attacks you can still use regularly the [Stolen Skills] and wait for the Cooldown to wear off the Skills while you are under the effects of those 5 boons, max 30 seconds for all of them besides Swiftness that is literally 1 minute active. Switch to [Rifle] when you need to escape and/or use Long Range safety attacks, tho while using a [Rifle] you WILL need to use [Stealth] management correctly for greater damage. But [Quickness] can help a lot in dealing Basic Attacks for Vulnerability and decent damage.

Tips: Use [Valut] for Evading in most cases, when you are on Max Stack on Boons for Triple Plunge Attack, or advancing towards or getting to safety distance. Skill 3 is only for the Immobilize break, nothing more.


Also the thing that bothered me the most, from these nerfs on Deadeye, is that, the class itself is based on a ''Sniper'' Roll, even the description of Deadeye alone says, Quote

"One shot, one kill."

Take aim with your rifle and mark your enemies for assassination. The deadeye specializes in long-range combat and picking off enemies before they can get close. By marking your target, you gain increased damage against them as you wear them down before taking the final shot.

— In-game description

That should point out that we are limited to that One Single Target  and that we need strong and big damage output against Foes and Monsters that we Specifically ''Marked'' and want to take out. And that should also include OUR personal mistakes in fights where we mess up on targeting wrong one, it's still a thrill to wait for ''Deadeye's Mark'' to refresh and fight to survive and after it's back, to mark the right one, and then to ''wear them down before taking the final shot''. That should cover it and help you realize that you made this specific Elite Specialization to be ''One shot, one kill'' on Class that is made to be (In all of the MMORP Games) ''High Risk, High Reward''.

Hope this helps some of the Deadeye Enjoyers till we, as I repeat myself, get damage back or get nerfed again (Deleted).

Thank you!


Edited by Akym.6387
I needed to add this ''[Explanation]'' since people seem to not understand the basic mechanic and roll behind the ''Rogue, Assassin, Thief'' Classes in MMORP Games.
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A nerf is more likely than not because ANet's balance team has a few 🤡s who don't understand thief problems. They tend to balance a lot around the top 0.5% players.

This guy, from my previous post, seems to still be doing fine this patch. ANet's balance team of 🤡s probably looks at this guy and goes: "Yup, all is fine and good...maybe let's just nerf DE; and leave scourge being as disgusting as we made it since we are okay with it."

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  • Akym.6387 changed the title to New ''Blink'' Build for Deadeye <⦻> [Staff/Rifle] [And overall needed changes and bug fixes]

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